The Drow War

De Profundis
From the deapths

The second chapter of drow war has begun. During the aftermath of the battle of Underdell, the Starborn received a message delivered by a peculiar figure known as the Clockwork knight, a living mechanism designed and built by the gnomes of Vella. The message requested that our heroes sail to the capital of Jahannum, Crom Calamar to assist in the defense against an oncoming drow invasion.

Upon arrival in Crom Calamar, it was quickly learned how little Jahannum cares for magic users. With what little knowledge they had, the Starborn earned an audience with the leaders of Crom Calamar, the Iron Dukes, who seemed prepared to assist our heroes despite the apparent likelihood of an invasion. After a period of exploration beneath the city, the drow struck, dragging the city and it’s inhabitants into darkness and chaos. Along with a seemingly limitless army and the black dragon, Scallandriax, the drow drove the Starborn from Crom Calamar and into the sea.

Days after the massacre, the Starborn met with their mysterious contact who revealed himself as Nimian Archimandrus, an elven wizard from Xoth Sarandi. Archimandrus urged the Starborn to return to Xoth Sarandi with him. There they would be able to glean more information regarding The Enead, which consists of the remaining nine drow houses.

Now our heroes, in the company of Archimandrus, must set sail for the island nation of Xoth Sarandi to learn more about the threats to come.

Next: Across Unknown Oceans.

Recap of book one
Lets make the boss fight easier this time

Our heroes, beings mysteriously born under the astrological signs of Ashfar, have come together to oppose those who wish to enslave and oppress: The Drow. Through the ages, these two forces have clashed time and time again. Once again, the new equinox has begun, bringing forth new heroes and new enemies.

Through their adventures in Chillhame and Caldraza our heroes have seen terrible losses and glorious victories, but what is to come will test them to their limits. Will Black Jesus overcome these dark urges that tempt him every day? Will Ale finally realize what it means to be a father? Will Jack finally score a critical hit that deals more than ten damage? We shall see.

Despite their victory over House Arakh and it’s leader, The Terror, danger looms around them in forms of which they have never seen. Even when the sun burns bright, there is always the dying of the light.

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